John Romero releases new Doom WAD

Second one this year and a new project, this guys is a machine!

John Romero releases new Doom WAD

Doom and Quake co-creator, John Romero, recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for his new project, Blackroom, a 90s style FPS where the environment settings change due to “holodeck technology gone rogue” like in that Star Trek TNG episode where a holographic version of James Moriarty becomes self aware.

Back on topic though, it seems John Romero isn’t feeling very concerned regarding his new project since he just released a new WAD for the original Doom, called The Inmost Dens, which is awesome. Also known by the more prosaic E1M4b, it’s the second WAD John Romero has put out this year, and like the updated E1M8 he released in January, it can be downloaded free. This is probably to remind everyone about the greatness of 90s shooters.

The new WAD comes with instructions for installing and running it, and even a bit of a story:

With the Toxin Refinery in the rear-view, you make your way to Phobos Mission Control where the computers crunching the data from the Phobos Anomaly are located. You need to use them to gain access to the Phobos Lab, but remember hearing that the computers were tied into all areas of the installation and that you never knew when the environment around you would change. You need to keep your eyes alert to all movement—this place is not what it seems…

You can download the WAD here.


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