Deadly Chinese Sex Dungeon

Deadly Chinese Sex Dungeon

A Chinese man was sentenced to death for holding women in sex dungeon.

Li Hao held a total of six women in a homemade underground sex dungeon. He was sentenced to death on Friday. He was convicted on charges of murder, rape, organized prostitution, illegal detention and, of course, selling porn.

Li is 35 years old and is, believe it or not, married and has a young son. He worked for the city in Henan province while also carrying out his sick and twisted fantasies.

For two years, starting in 2009, he repeatedly raped the women and forced them into prostitution which included making them perform in pornographic shows on the Web, according to the BBC.

The women were held for periods between two and 21 months. They had worked at nightclubs, karaoke bars and salons in the nearby area.

According to Reuters, Li’s sick crimes were revealed when a 23-year-old woman finally managed to escape and told police about the homemade dungeon. Sadly, two of the six women were later found dead.

By the way, CNN reports that a Chinese police official apologized back in 2011 for his handling of the case and begged the public to give his department another chance.

In another sick twist, three of the women from the secret lair were also found guilty of murder over the killings of two of their fellow prisoners, according the news outlet. Their sentences were far lighter, however, due to the extenuating circumstances; in at least one case, for example, Li may have forced a woman to kill. Which would make sense since he is a sick fuck. One woman was sentenced to three years in prison and the other two were given probation.

Although China tends to keep its death penalty cases figures a secret, Amnesty International claims that more people were executed in the nation than in the rest of the world combined. China doesn’t mess around.

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[alert type=”yellow”]Update: Li Hao was executed last month on Tuesday, January 21, 2014. Three of the women held captive were also found guilty of murder over the killings of two of their fellow captives. One of them was sentenced to three years in prison while the other two were placed on probation.[/alert]

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