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Raspberry Pi 3 is on sale now!

On the fourth anniversary of the Raspberry Pi, the third iteration has been released and it's currently on sale for 35$ (same price as the R...[Read More]

Razer aquires Ouya

Razer has confirmed that it has acquired Ouya's library and online distribution platform, and will transition them to its Forge TV micro-con...[Read More]

How to ready your PC for Windows 10

TIps on what you should do before Windows 10 finally arrives to the public on July 29th.

Ubisoft working on VR versions of games

Ubisoft is working on bringing it's biggest brands to the VR market in the near future.

Fujitsu Develops Haptic Sensory Tablet

Ultrasonic vibrations of varying intensity to let you "feel" textures.

Grand Theft Auto V: First Person Experience

Explore the world of Los Santos and Blaine County directly through your character's eyes.

New PC Drivers supports Xbox One controller

Xbox One controllers are now supported thanks to new PC drivers.

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