How I became a Gamer

Gaming has impacted my views and understanding of life in many great ways.

Bowser burning Mario

My memory of how I encountered video games and became a gamer was hazy back then. I always had those memories of me being young watching my brother playing Altered Beast, Sonic The Hedgehog, and Mega Man X. But those memories soon faded when my mom and brother told me that never happen since I was not born yet or that I was to young to notice it.

Now as I am older, my true memories of how I became a gamer came from an Italian plumber. The first game I played and still love to this very day was Super Mario 64.

At the time, I was blown away from how I was in a world, how I control the hero and was able to join and take part in a journey then just reading it or seeing it in the sidelines. As a kid, it was mind-blowing and was a great way for my imagination to form ideas and concepts that make me want to create games for others.

When and how did you become a game? Tell us your story in a comment below! Thanks! 👍

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